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Become an Instagram Influencer and Leave Your Mark!

Do you have a special talent or concept you want to share with others? Have you always dreamt of leaving your own mark? What better way to do so than by creating your very own Instagram account. Today, Instagram has become one of the most accessible platforms for aspiring innovators all across the world. Read this blog to learn more about the many ways that Instagram can help bring your entrepreneurial ambitions to life!

Establishing Yourself Through Instagram

A year ago, my sister and I decided to create our very own Instagram food account. Named after our last name, Broeky Bites became a space for us to express our culinary aspirations. Although we were not professional chefs, we did enjoy creating colorful and healthy recipes. Since we were also avid travelers, we decided to expand our mission to discovering the tastiest bites across the world.

Overtime, Broeky Bites established a veritable presence amongst the food blogging community of Instagram. As our account grew, we were increasingly contacted by restaurants and other food industries in the Netherlands for collaborations. We were not professionals, and yet, we had gained an entryway into the food world of the Netherlands. By simply opening an account on Instagram and following our passion for food and travel, my sister and I had become Instagram Influencers. 

Becoming an Instagram Influencer

If there is one thing to take away from this story, it is that everyone can establish a name and become an Instagram influencer. Whether you have a passion for art, music or even sports, Instagram can be your starting point to sharing your insights with a larger community. 

Although everyone can become an influencer, there are some tips that will help you succeed:

  1. Ensure Quality of Posts: Whether this be through fun content, catchy pictures or subtle humor, make sure to attract your audience through high-quality posts.
  2. Engage Your Audience: One of the most important tips, is to maintain personal connections with your followers. Whether this be through replying to comments, collaborating with accounts or simply liking other pictures, connections are key to becoming an Instagram influencer.
  3. Be Yourself: This is by far the most crucial step. People will be drawn to your content, but they will be latched to your personality. When creating captions for your content, make sure to highlight your true self. Whenever my sister and I create content for our account, we always take time to decide on the perfect caption. Although Instagram is primarily based on your pictures, it is the way that you portray them that will get users to hit the "follow" button. 

Expanding Your Brand by Creating a Website

Now that you have established your Instagram status, the next step is to expand your presence to other online platforms. Most recently, my sister and I created our very own website through wix.com. Since we had no previous experience in website building, Wix was the perfect place to start. The platform offers tons of free website templates which you can then modify to your preference. For more intricate control, you can pay a premium fee and establish your own domain.

Creating a website is the perfect way to personalize your online presence. Through a website you can create your very own blog to accompany your Instagram pictures and account. A website also offers you the opportunity to establish direct contact with your subscribers. 

Leave Your Mark

Through the accessibility of the internet, everyone can become a social media influencer today. By creating an account on Instagram, you can share your message and talent with an entire community of like-minded users. In some cases, your account could even grow into your very own business. A year ago, my sister and I created Broeky Bites just for fun. Little did we know that a few months later, we would be interacting and collaborating with other food bloggers and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. 

Everyone can become an Instagram influencer. All it takes is a good idea and the courage to take the first step :)

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