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University Introduction Weeks in the Netherlands

Will you be starting your university studies this fall? If you are, one of the best ways to prepare for your new experience is to attend your university’s orientation week. As an international student, your intro week will be an important step towards feeling at home in the Netherlands. Read this post for more information on the orientation weeks at Leiden University (The Hague Campus), Erasmus University and several other universities.

HOPWeek: Leiden University, The Hague Campus

One of my first and most memorable experiences as a student of Leiden University, was HOPweek. During this week-long orientation, I became acquainted to my university building in The Hague. It was also during this week that I met some of my closest friends. Arriving to a new country and meeting new people was intimidating at first. However, by attending HOPweek, I quickly felt comfortable in my new environment.

HOPweek is open to all Leiden University students studying in The Hague. Regardless of whether you are starting your Bachelors or Masters study, HOPweek is ideal for all new incoming students. As a participant of HOPweek, you will get the chance to discover the city, navigate student life and meet your fellow students. HOPweek is the perfect way to kick off your school year.

This year's orientation week will run from 20-24 August. For a total cost of 80 Euros, you will be able to partake in the activities, have your meals included and HOP into your school year. If you do not yet have accommodation in The Hague, you can also pay a supplemental fee to reserve a spot in the dorms. 

The registration portal for HOPweek is officially open, so make sure to get your tickets! You definitely do not want to miss out on this amazing experience. 

Eurekaweek: Erasmus University, Rotterdam

If you are beginning your studies at Erasmus University, Eurekaweek is the perfect way to orient yourself to the new student environment. Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new students of Erasmus University. This year, the programme will take place between the 20th and 23rd of August. The theme this year, will be "Reach for the Skyline". Throughout the week, this theme will focus on the international character and well-known skyline of Rotterdam. It will also emphasize the importance of reaching for your goals, and how Erasmus University can help you do this along the way. For more information on this year's Eurekaweek theme, check out this promotional video!

With its variety of city tours, excursions, sports activities and parties, Eurekaweek will introduce you to all the coolest spots in town. It will also be a great way for you to meet new friends before the start of the school year. For a total cost of only 70 Euros, you will have the chance to partake in Eurekaweek. If you would like to include an overnight stay, you can also pay an additional fee of 20 Euros. Registration is already open, so make sure to check online and book your Eurekaweek ticket!

Do Not Miss Out!

Looking back, orientation week was one of my favorite memories of being a university student in the Netherlands. Till today, I still meet up with my HOPweek friends and reminisce on the amazing moments we had together. Attending your introduction week will make moving to the Netherlands a whole lot easier. Underneath you will find some of the other introduction weeks throughout the Netherlands. Make sure to get informed and join the fun!

  • Amsterdam: Intreeweek (27-31 August) & VU introduction (22-28 August)
  • Delft: OWee (19-23 August)
  • Eindhoven: TU/e introduction (20-24 August)
  • Groningen: KEI-week (13-17 August)
  • Leiden: OWL (20-24 August)
  • Maastricht: INKOM (20-24 August)
  • Utrecht: UIT (13-17 August)


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